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With a great honor and after fifteen years of activity in construction industry, we have lunched our new brand as Artnoos to prepare our best services and products to our customers in the Iran and Middle East region. Of course we want the best for you because you're the best.
*شرکت  معماری و طراحی داخلی کلبه نوین آرتنوس تنها نماینده انحصاری شرکت LANO بلژیک و موکت های تایل آرتنوس در ایران و خاورمیانه می باشد. این شرکت آماده ارائه محصولات خود در زمینه انواع موکت قابل نصب جهت سالن های آمفی تئاتر و همایش، اماکن عمومی، هتل ها(موکت های هتلی Axminister و Printed )، فضاهای اداری پر تردد و فضاهای مسکونی با مشخصات فنی شامل : موکت کند سوز ، آنتی
باکتریال با قابلیت جذب صدا مخصوص اماکن پر تردد و … مطابق با استاندارد اروپا، سازگار با محیط زیست، دارای گواهی برتر از GUT است.

Service and Support

Design Department

Artnoos Design Team with its qualified experts and designers will be with you in designing and implementing your projects from first steps to the end to guaranty the overall quality approval. It may be great opportunity to see what will be happen at the end, even before you make your product selection. And Artnoos will provide this worthy service just for free. So call us right now to benefit our free special services.

Installation Team

Guarantied by Experts Artnoos installation experts in collaboration with our QC engineers and designers will guaranty the quality of project at the end, assuring you of the result. Please ask for galleries and details of our projects to get more information and share the details of your project to make your dreams true.

خدمات پس از فروش

ارائه بهترین نحوه نگهداری و نظافت جهت ماندگاری بیشتر و همیشگی محصولات آرتنوس، سلامت و پاکیزگی را برای شما به ارمغان می

Lano History

The current structure of Lano dates back to 1970, when three Belgian companies with over 100 years of textile experience between them joined together

With the ability to produce broadloom carpet, rugs and artificial grass, Lano’s product offering extends to include a spectrum of Wilton and Axminster woven carpets, as well as tufted floor coverings, designed to provide solutions for both residential and hospitality markets.

Lano’s reputation for unique quality and top design has been built on an integrated production system that allows it to precisely and completely control quality at each stage of production and delivery.

This is demonstrated through ISO 9001 certification

Our Customers